Dealing With Problems

Even the best field managers have to deal with problems. Here are some tips to help manage problem situations.

Drying out a wet field is something we all are faced with at some point. The most common mistake is to do too much too soon. Try to remove any standing water as soon as possible, but avoid using a broom or rake to push water from low areas as this will just make the low spot deeper. A puddle pump or calcined clay will do a better job.

An old sofa cushion will work like an industrial sized sponge to absorb water without displacing the soil. Nail drags and infield machines should not be used until you can walk across the skin without leaving depressions. Back raking (pushing the rake in front of you instead of pulling) will help dry the surface without digging too deeply. A light application of Calcined Clay Drying Agent will help speed the process. When the surface starts to firm up, lightly nail drag the infield at a slow, consistent speed. When the soil starts to crust over, repeat the process at a 90-degree angle.