Your first step is to define your needs and then develop a plan. For example, if you think you need to add dirt to your skinned area, your first step should be to check the grade of your entire infield, including ten feet beyond the back arc.

Many times there is a lip built up that will appear to make the skinned area look low. Adding material to the infield will not correct the problem and will probably make the situation worse! The fix could be as simple as correcting the lip. You may even end up removing material from the skin in this instance. Lip buildup and incorrect grading are the two most common causes of poor draining fields. Excess water must be able to run off the skin. Proper grading will be money well spent.

If you are unhappy with your infield mix, have it tested. Knowing the ratio of sand, silt and clay will help determine how to improve your infield. Incorporating amendments such as Diamond Pro Infield Conditioners is a cost-effective way to improve the playability of your infield skin. These materials are especially effective in soils that are high in silt and clay. Loose soils that have a high sand content can be renovated by incorporating a heavier clay-based soil to help tighten the mix. Add the chosen material a few yards at a time until the desired composition is achieved. These renovation processes require tilling the amendment into the infield at a depth of two to three inches. Keep in mind that it may take a few weeks for your infield to pack back to the desired firmness. A deep watering and rolling will help repack the playing surface. A good rainfall is one of the best things for a newly renovated field. Be sure to give the surface enough time to dry properly before rolling. The best time for this kind of renovation is several weeks prior to the start of play or, better yet, after the season has completed.

Fall is a great time to renovate or rebuild your pitching mounds and batters boxes. The weather is generally cooler and this will give you one less thing to worry about when preparing your field in the spring. Diamond Pro HomePlate / Mound Clay and Clay Bricks are a great choice to improve these areas. Remember, always tarp your mounds and plate area!