Building Or Renovating A Catcher’s / Batter’s Box

Use Diamond Pro® Mound/Home Plate Clay and Diamond Pro® Clay Bricks to Construct or Rebuild A Catcher’s/Batter’s Box. Here are a few general steps to get started:

  1. Carefully measure out the catcher’s and batter’s boxes using recommended dimensions.
  2. Cut out and remove all loose dirt from the high stress area surrounding the batter’s box to a depth of 3”.
  3. Place Diamond Pro® Mound/Home Plate Clay Bricks as evenly and close together as possible.
  4. Once the bricks have been placed, water the cut area. Tamp the bricks into place.
  5. Fill in the ½” remaining area with either the cut out loose material or with Diamond Pro® Mound/Home Plate Clay for the ideal surface.
  6. Level and compact the new surface.
  7. Add Diamond Pro® Infield Conditioner to the finished area for a professional quality playing surface.

For a step-by-step guide for each type of conditioning, including field specifications: