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Professional Mound Clay

Diamond Pro® Professional Mound Clay is a screened, heavy clay with a natural yellowish-brown color. It has a higher clay content than our red Mound/Home Plate Clay and will require more attention for application. For example, it is imperative that this product be hydrated at least one day prior to use in order to have the right moisture for compaction and ultimate performance. Professional Mound Clay can be used in conjunction with our other products or as a stand-alone, everyday maintenance clay. It can be used to construct, maintain, or repair pitcher’s mound, bullpen, catcher’s box, and batter’s box.

  • Higher clay content allows for greater compaction
  • Conforms easily to high-stress areas
  • Great for constructing, maintaining, and repairing pitcher’s mound, bullpen, and home plate areas
Recommended Use
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Youth Leagues
Availability & Specifications
  • 50 lb/ Bags / 40 bags per pallet
  • Bulk Availability
Building and/or Renovating A Pitcher’s Mound
High Stress Area Coverage Chart